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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the My Arcade Rewards™ card redeemed? 

Simply go to www.myarcaderewards.com and set up a new user account name and password. Then, enter the code on the back of the My Arcade Rewards™ card. Then, your points are deposited into you’re My Arcade Rewards™ program account and you can redeem your points for items in the online catalog.

Do I have to use all my points on one purchase?

No, you can use all or part of your points to redeem a reward. Any points left over remain in your account

How long does it take to process my order in the My Arcade Rewards™ program?

Most orders should ship within a few days after order placement and should arrive within 5 to 7 business days from the order date.  Some orders can take as long as four weeks. Please contact customer service if you have questions about the status of your order.

How will my order be shipped?

Most items are in stock and shipped via standard ground service. Larger items ship via common carrier. Other items that are shipped directly from the manufacturer will be shipped according to manufacturer's shipping guidelines.

Can I cancel an order once it is placed?

Once an order is placed, it cannot be cancelled.

Why do I need to enter my phone number when placing an order?

Your telephone number is required to placing an order to allow My Arcade Rewards™ to contact you should a question occur when processing your order.

What do you do with the email address?

Your email address is collected so that a program participant in the My Arcade Rewards™ program can be contacted if there are problems with your order and so you can receive an order confirmation email. No your personal information, including your email address, will be shared with any third parties.

How can I access my personal My Arcade Rewards™ account if I forgot my password?

Simply reset your password on the website. If you are unable to successfully reset your password please contact our customer service team for further assistance.

How can the balance in a My Arcade Rewards™ account be checked?

To check the balance on a My Arcade Rewards™ account, access the website with a valid user name and password at www.myarcaderewards.com. Once on the website you can view the accounts point balance near the top of every page. If you do not have access to the Internet, then you can call customer service at 1-888-995-1088

How much purchasing power does a My Arcade Rewards™ card have?

Each of the My Arcade Rewards™ cards has a specific amount of points that can be used to select from merchandise rewards on the My Arcade Rewards™ website at www.myarcaderewards.com. Points become the property of the recipient upon issuance of the My Arcade Rewards card™ and registration of the My Arcade Rewards™ card on at www.myarcaderewards.com, subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein, and are not transferable or refundable to the purchaser or any third party.

Do My Arcade Rewards™® card recipients have to place their orders online?

Customer service representatives are happy to take orders via phone at 1-888-995-1088. When calling to place an order, please be sure to have the card number, as well as the items numbers for the products to be ordered available for customer service. Reward item numbers are available when browsing the rewards at www.myarcaderewards.com.

Do recipients have to pay shipping and handling charges for items ordered?

It is the responsibility of My Arcade Rewards™ card recipients and program participants to pay for the shipping and handling fees for items ordered from the My Arcade Rewards™ menu. Recipients pay for the shipping and handling fees using the points on their cards and in their My Arcade Rewards™ accounts. Shipping and handling fees are included in the points total for each item offered and displayed in the My Arcade Rewards™ website catalog and printed catalog.

Do the My Arcade Rewards™ cards expire?

The My Arcade Rewards™ cards do not expire however once the My Arcade Rewards™® card is registered on the My Arcade Rewards™ website and the points are deposited into a program participants account the points become active. Active program points expire after 12 months of account inactivity (this includes both point deposits in a program participant account and point redemption). Any points in a My Arcade Rewards™ program account at the time of account expiration will be lost. Account holders will receive a notification by email prior to expiration of their account.

What happens if a recipient's My Arcade Rewards™ card is lost or stolen?

If a My Arcade Rewards™ card is lost or stolen it will not be replaced. Please keep it in a secure place or register it on line as soon as possible at www.myarcaderewards.com or by calling customer service at   1-888-995-1088.

How can My Arcade Rewards™ program participants find out their account number if they cannot remember it?

Simply call customer service at 1-888-995-1088 and customer service will be able to look up the lost account number. The recipient will have to share their first name, last name, and email address to complete the account number lookup.

How do I know my online transaction is secure?

Online ordering on the My Arcade Rewards™ website is encrypted using a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol.